IT operations and integration division

IT operator and integrator with a special focus on digital transformation. It covers all connectware, from Internet connections to the IoT, by way of your WiFi networks.
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About us

IT operations and integration division

As a partner in the digital transformation of companies and an expert on the most strategy digital topics of the day, Wixalia is nothing short of one of France’s key players in the field of connectivity. The successor to BRH Multimédia, Wixalia was created in 2018 and merged with Synelience in 2021. From that merger, Synelience Group was formed, and Wixalia became its operations and integrations division.

From the outset, Wixalia focused its expertise on network infrastructure, broadband Internet and the IoT, placing it in a position to advise and guide other companies with an objective that remains unchanged: to allow them to confidently tackle their digital transformation and boost their productivity through innovation.

With nearly employees and partners working in seven countries – France, Belgium, Germany, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland – Wixalia fosters synergies between skill sets, all with the aim of connecting companies and public institutions to digital innovation.

Our expertise

Between the acceleration of companies’ digitalization, data protection and access, upgrades to connection speeds, exponential increases in data volumes, mastery of the IoT and new technologies, and the list goes on, it can be hard for IS departments to keep up with the latest development in today’s hyperconnected world.

Thanks to four areas of in-house expertise – very high-speed connectivity, network infrastructure, IoT and IT outsourcing – Wixalia can guarantee that your infrastructure will be effective and your software will run smoothly.


Network infrastructure solutions

  • Hosting solutions
  • Landline, cellular and IP telecoms carriers
  • PoCs
  • Cloud intelligence
  • Virtual work environments
  • VPNs

WiFi & broadband Internet

  • Indoor and outdoor integration
  • Interoperability
  • SD-WAN
  • Fiber optics
  • 4G/5G
  • Security management
  • WiFi as a Service

IT outsourcing & managed services

  • Service desk
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support
  • Monitoring
  • Network & hotspot manager
  • Printing solutions

IoT & smart solutions

  • Videoprotection & Access control
  • Smart Building
  • Smart flooring
  • Digital signage
  • Digital workplace

A global approach to connectivity

Since 2020, it has become obvious that powerful, reliable connectivity is necessary for most companies to function well. As a result, a global approach is needed that leaves nothing to chance, from Internet access points to smart objects, by way of network and WiFi management.

As Synelience Group’s operations and integration division, Wixalia provides local support and guidance to its clients, allowing them to easily try out new services and solutions, resulting in their enhanced productivity and agility on a day-to-day basis. In other words, Wixalia’s role goes much further than that of a mere infrastructure supplier.

An innovative spirit that remains intact

Wixalia is a mid-sized company that has always cultivated a spirit of innovation, in the service of advice. Guided by a start-up mentality, Wixalia’s employees are committed to providing the right solutions to the real problems encountered by French companies, as well as effective management of every aspect of connectivity.

Thanks to our various areas of expertise, Wixalia acts on behalf of many clients, in fields such as healthcare, logistics, retail, luxury goods, etc., and implements concrete solutions so our clients can virtualize their activities while making the most of the potential of technologies like AI, 5G, digital workplaces and smart buildings.

With our core business specialized in healthcare and medico-social activities, Wixalia is a partner to many hospitals, treatment facilities and other healthcare establishments (nursing homes, clinics, etc.), where it helps to digitalize healthcare pathways, develop telemedicine and improve many patients’ living conditions.

Doctors wearing VR simulation

Key figures for Wixalia and Synelience


  • 100 000 daily logins
  • 13 000 acess points managed
  • 1 000 sites in operation
  • 900 internet links supervised

Synelience Group

  • 300 employees
  • 10 locations
  • 7 countries
  • 150 clients