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Green connectivity for your eco-responsible IT commitment.

Green WiFi, a brand of eco-responsible digital commitment

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Wixalia is the exclusive integrator of Green WiFi solutions, the brand that combines technology and ecological awareness to minimize the environmental impact of IT while maximizing operational performance.

Green WiFi brand history

Green WiFi is the fruit of Synelience Group’s innovative vision. It’s the story of a shared ambition: to rethink enterprise connectivity to minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational performance.

At the heart of this adventure, Synelience Group has shaped Green WiFi as a concrete response to the need for eco-responsible connectivity.

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Continuing Synelience Group's CSR commitments

Green WiFi is also part of Synelience Group’s CSR approach, shared by all its Cinalia, Wixalia and Softalia divisions, which includes internal actions such as the use of hybrid or electric company vehicles, waste reduction and the promotion of travel with low environmental impact.

It embodies both our values and our desire to create environmentally-friendly solutions while promoting the sustainable management of environmental resources.

Why the name Green WiFi?

Synelience Group originally created the Green WiFi® brand to combine the challenges of energy efficiency with the technological reality represented by WiFi, a structurally eco-responsible component of IT infrastructures.

WiFi offers several advantages in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact:

  • WiFi consumes less energy than cellular technologies.
  • It requires less cabling in buildings, reducing the need for materials and resources.
  • It promotes organizational flexibility in buildings, making it easier to adapt workspaces.

But we soon realized that to have a real impact on the environment, we needed to extend this approach to the entire network infrastructure. Low-energy technologies such as fiber optics are also part of the solutions that can be implemented to meet these challenges.

That’s why Green WiFi is involved across the entire value chain, bringing best practices and green technologies to bear at every stage.

The Green WiFi philosophy

But Green WiFi is much more than a technical solution: it’s a responsible approach, a holistic vision that brings together all the economic, ecological and technical performance required for truly eco-responsible connectivity.

The fundamental principles of Green WiFi

Green WiFi offers an innovative approach to IT and concrete solutions that combine performance and environmental responsibility, based on 4 fundamental principles.

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Focus on eco-design

At Green WiFi, eco-design goes beyond the simple installation and operation of network infrastructures. It involves an innovative approach aimed at simplifying and optimizing existing architectures. It also involves optimizing available resources and integrating eco-responsible practices into every stage of the process.

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Aiming for energy efficiency

One of Green WiFi’s most important objectives is to take into account the energy impact of each stage in the connectivity value chain, and to make an informed choice of solutions that combine eco-responsibility and performance.

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Optimizing life-cycle management

The Green WiFi approach seeks to maximize equipment utilization and contribute to the reduction of electronic waste, without compromising the quality and performance of your network infrastructures.

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Contributing to reforestation

Green WiFi is an integral part of a global approach that extends right to the end of the connectivity value chain, helping to offset the carbon footprint associated with digital technology. This concrete action takes the form of our dedicated reforestation program.

Wixalia, exclusive integrator of Green WiFi solutions

Based on mutual trust and a shared vision of green connectivity, the partnership between Wixalia and Green WiFi aims to offer our customers top-level expertise and unrivalled experience in the field of eco-responsible connectivity.

A range of concrete solutions for greener connectivity

With Green WiFi, you choose sustainable technological solutions and eco-responsible WiFi and wired connectivity. Green WiFi offers concrete solutions for green connectivity that combine performance and respect for the environment.

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