The Wixalia advantages

Whatever your digital transformation project, Wixalia guarantees continuous quality with a local focus while offering flexible pricing options and unique advantages.
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Whether it’s setting up connected solutions, providing new equipment or updating aging network infrastructure not suitable for growth, Wixalia will support you throughout your IT integration project with tools that will help you easily get to grips with your technology and exploit its full potential.

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An exclusive service platform

Our multifunctional service platform is designed to simplify the operational management of your resources. This is especially true for establishments that receive the public.

User & client portal

Designed for end users and our clients, it allows you to develop a range of customizable services you can offer your clients/patients for free or for a fee, including information about the establishment, socializing apps, entertainment and concierge services.


Your digital resources, dashboards, service catalog and apps are combined on one platform with simplified management and automated processes.

IoT platform

We use a single interface that lets you easily manage your current and future connected solutions.

IT assistance

Always on hand and ready to help with any problems, our teams ensure your services are well maintained via the support center and hotline available in the management portal.

"As a Service" solutions

The “as a service” business model is an all-inclusive monthly plan. It’s an OPEX approach to expenditure (operating expenditure vs. capital expenditure) that Wixalia first developed for its medico-social clients – health centers, nursing homes, senior residences – and which now offers advantages for all its clients:

  • No initial investment

  • Savings

Your expenditure is based on the resources consumed and features used.

  • Flexibility

“aaS” solutions are easy to implement and can be tailored to your company’s actual needs – both upward and downward.

  • Scalable projects

Our portfolio and your equipment evolve at the same pace as the technology in use.

  • No update and maintenance costs (staff, time and resources)

These are included in the plan.

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