Smart nursing homes

Wixalia is putting digital innovation to work for patients and residents in nursing homes, retirement homes and senior residences with solutions that improve access to care and give a boost to these facilities.
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Putting innovation to work for patients

In nursing homes, retirement homes and senior residences, there are many day-to-day issues around access to care and organization: ensuring regular follow-ups, planning visits, carefully monitoring residents, and making sure everyone can access the specialist medical advice they need, even in “medical deserts”.

With its longstanding involvement in the medico-social sector, Wixalia understands these challenges and has set itself the goal of connecting care facilities using digital innovation:

  • Digital upgrades
  • Equipment upgrading and compliance
  • Digital transformation support.
Femme âgée assise dans un fauteuil et riant avec une infirmière dans une maison de retraite.

Integrated services & very high-speed Internet access

The long-term digitalization of healthcare facilities requires proficiency in what is effectively the essence of connectivity: a high-speed and secure WiFi network infrastructure.

Whatever your project, Wixalia will help you upgrade your facilities and implement a reliable and sustainable foundation for connectivity:

Finding the best interconnection solution available in your area, managing Internet links and ensuring continuity of service
Analyzing coverage, implementing a multi-user network (staff, residents and visitors), security and management, maintenance and monitoring.
We recover and replace obsolete or unsuitable equipment and provide you with all the hardware solutions you need: tablets, Smart TV/IPTV, home automation, telemedicine carts, fall detection solutions, anti-fall and anti-wandering monitoring systems, etc.

Smart nursing homes: tangible benefits

The long-term digitalization of healthcare facilities has benefits for all stakeholders. Whether it’s helping the establishment – optimizing the organization, better monitoring of people – or the residents and their loved ones – fun activities, maintaining social ties, better access to care – technology has the potential to serve people first and foremost.

This is one of the core values held by Wixalia, which develops responsible digital solutions that create value. It’s not about virtualizing for virtualizing’s sake but about creating something to benefit people and, in some cases, free up caregivers from time-consuming tasks while improving residents’ quality of life.

Better patient follow-up

  • Electronic patient/resident records

  • Medical IoT / IoMT

  • Telemedicine (telemonitoring, teleconsultations)

Protection and security

  • Fall detection

  • Managing wandering patients

  • Equipment tracking

  • Access control

Wellbeing and social life

  • Stimulation and fun activities

  • Maintaining social ties and providing information through a videoconferencing service

  • Concierge services

  • Multimedia entertainment

Smart building and home automation

  • Air treatment

  • Controlling opening/closing

  • Heating and air conditioning management

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