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As a trusted digital transformation partner for industrial processes and points of sale, Wixalia is an expert in providing connected solutions for the supermarket, retail and logistics sectors.
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Sectors driven by digital innovation

With digital innovation and technologies developing at an exponential rate, every market is now affected by digital trends.

Whether we’re talking about Industry 4.0, intelligent supply chains or phygital commerce, the global phenomenon of process industrialization and digitalization is blowing a wind of innovation through our sales and production sites.

As your digital transformation partner, Wixalia can help you securely roll out technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data and machine learning, or integrate connected objects (IoT) into your infrastructure to maximize productivity while reducing your operating costs.

The supermarket & retail sectors

Influenced by e-commerce and new connected trends, traditional points of sale are rapidly becoming 2.0 spaces. From the smallest businesses to the biggest brands, the “phygital” revolution is changing the way we buy and sell things.

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As well as leading to new consumer habits, commerce 2.0 is providing brands and retailers with valuable insights to help them tailor their offering to their customers and further personalize the path to purchase.

With its expert knowledge of the supermarket sector, Wixalia can help you integrate technology that will streamline the interaction between the warehouse and the sales floor and modernize the customer experience, using solutions such as digital signage (link), object geolocation, foot traffic management, interactive terminals and applications.

Design and integration of new in-store services

Generation of strategic insights into purchasing behavior

Application development and custom service provision

Personalization of the path to purchase using customer data


The digitalization of industrial processes, better known as Industry 4.0, offers incredible opportunities for growth, optimizing logistics and foot traffic management. The rise in IoT connected objects has now made it possible to simplify business management, accounting and reporting.

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But that’s not all: thanks to solutions such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), it is now possible to carry out monitoring in real time, limit industrial waste, adjust production to meet demand and create a production line designed to handle the rapid changes in our society.

Offering turnkey solutions to boost productivity, tracking, agility and security in the manufacturing industry, Wixalia will help you transform your approach to logistics:

Supply chain optimization

Identification and integration of the most relevant IoT objects

Object geolocation and improved stock management

Warehouse remote monitoring

Implementation of simplified management tools (ERP, unified control interface)