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An attentive IT integrator, Wixalia offers comprehensive IT outsourcing and individual managed services to confidently optimize and secure IT resources.
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Much more than an IT partner

Securing systems and guaranteeing high performance levels while controlling costs and data: this is the complex compromise facing the majority of IS departments, at a time when the different tasks they handle are being moved to the cloud. If you want to find the right balance, you can count on Wixalia’s expertise and commitment.

By entrusting us with the management of your IT environment and digital resources, our core business, you will have the time – and the resources – you need to focus on your own. Thanks to our IT outsourcing solutions and custom services, all of your employees can enjoy optimal operating conditions, so they can give free rein to their ideas and their talent.

IT outsourcing: safely put your trust in us to manage your IT resources

A high-performing network means, first and foremost, an upgradable, scalable ecosystem equipped for rapid changes and evolutions, but also a reliable set-up, capable of reinforcing the quality of work and collaboration between your different users.

By outsourcing your IT resources to Wixalia – whether just certain services or full outsourcing – you can reap the benefits of daily support tailored to your corporate culture.

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Custom management of your IT

From IT support to the application of updates (patch management), we can handle everything that would take up too much of your time.

We can help with everything from defining your needs to selecting hardware and software for your chosen scope, with the sole objective of implementing a solution tailored to your organization and its issues.

Our multi-channel service desk manages incidents and anomalies reported by users, provides them with the assistance they need in using their IT tools, and can also handle certain operational tasks.

We offer multiple monitoring packages to manage your network and your WiFi hotspots remotely, in accordance with legal obligations. You will receive ITIL-certified support, which reduces both your risks and your costs, with a single entry point for the service desk and hotline, as well as an integrated ticketing tools.

We make sure that all of the devices and systems that we installed are running smoothly, from maintenance to repairs, including access points and IoT objects, along with all of your software applications – either remotely or on-site, when needed. And thanks to our centralized equipment management and the configurations we can apply from our logistics center, we are able to minimize the need for on-site servicing.

Our experts offer skills transfers through training, so you can service your own set-up and maintain your autonomy. This way, you can take fast action and give your teams the means of diversifying their functions.


IT outsourcing vs. managed services

In terms of business IT support, two kinds of approaches are available to you: outsourcing and managed services.  Either option can cover whatever IT scope you choose.

Outsourcing for responsive support

IT outsourcing is not meant to anticipate problems but rather to solve them as quickly as possible. This outsourcing is set up by means of a service agreement defining the period of time covered, the types of services provided, the terms and conditions, and the total cost for the covered period.  Any requests extending beyond the framework of that agreement will require a new price quote / contract / amendment.

Managed services for proactive support

Managed services emerged with the development of cloud computing. They aim to be much more flexible than outsourcing. Based on an as-a-service approach in return for a flat, all-inclusive monthly fee, this model is proactive, thanks to the implementation of monitoring tools capable of detecting anomalies before they cause any incidents.

In addition, only managed services cover the full life cycle of the hardware used to provide the service, at no additional cost to you. For example, with managed storage services, testing, monitoring and replacing defective hard drives is the service provider’s responsibility.


  • ITSM service desk

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support

  • Supervision & monitoring

  • Network & hotspot manager

  • Captive portal

  • IT environment management

  • Printing solutions

  • WiFi as a Service

  • Maintenance

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