Digital Signage

In the age of phygital, retail and points of sale are connecting thanks to IoT to improve the customer experience, personalize the customer journey and boost the display thanks to Digital Signage.
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Digital displays

Driven by a “phygital” approach, points of sale are also shifting up to 2.0. To offer customers a unique and integrated visual experience, signage is becoming more dynamic and static signs are gradually being replaced by digital signage. Once connected, the screens are accessed and controlled via a content management platform. Combined with some elements of the IoT, the platform can help you gain valuable insights into your point of sale, monitor foot traffic and interact directly with the customer. An expert in implementing IoT strategies, Wixalia will help you design your digital display environment – from identifying the solution to maintaining your equipment. Our digital signage solution is divided into three main components:


From the simplest screen to complex, interactive combinations, our partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to design the visual media your messages and communications deserve. These include video walls, tactile & curved LCDs, totems & kiosks, and projectors & holograms (laser, LED & lamps).

Content management

Easily organize, plan and distribute your content with our PCaaS platform that lets you control your dynamic screens from anywhere and any device, so that all your digital devices are part of the same innovative ecosystem.

Managed services

Our teams will help you with any digital display-related connectivity issues before, during and after installation to ensure an optimal level of service for the solution.

A complete PCaaS management platform

Increase the productivity of your screens and easily and intuitively integrate your content into your ecosystem wherever you are, even from your smartphone. Wixalia will provide you with a PCaaS platform capable of connecting your devices with technologies like AI and Big Data.


This resolutely omnichannel tool helps you get to know your audience better, interact with them and create a memorable experience. Thanks to digital signage, you can make changes in real time, measure the performance of your devices using the IoT, AI and machine learning, and automate your content:

Create and distribute your playlists, schedules, ads, user roles, CMS & tags.

You’ll benefit from a resolution editor, synchronization and WOW effect, HTML editor and IPTV.
Scan and watch or interact using interactive buttons and a voice assistant.
Deliver real-time, up-to-date content and reduce your costs with dynamic content, content segmentation by audience type, and triggers.
From foot traffic management and analysis of your physical spaces to social media widgets, device monitoring and alarm configuration, our platform includes a variety of modules to enrich the customer experience.

Additional services

Wixalia will assist you with any digital signage-related connectivity issues and offer support at every stage of your on-prem rollout:

  • Installation and implementation
  • WiFi network upgrade
  • Device networking and security
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Full IT environment monitoring
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