Smart flooring

Real-time foot traffic management and counting
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The IoT for management and security

Modular and easy to integrate into any connected ecosystem, smart flooring is one of the most effective IoT technology solutions for managing foot traffic and people with ease, generating insights into the habits of consumers and visitors, and counting people in real time.

  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Accuracy rate: 98%
  • Permanent or temporary use.

Foot traffic: a smart, connected solution


Whether it’s for an event, a store or a large supermarket chain, managing foot traffic presents significant logistical challenges.

When you equip your assembly points and shops with smart flooring, you gain valuable insights into your customers while improving access and security management and reducing your operating costs:

Real-time overviews, statistics and custom reports (length of stay, peak times, etc.).
Instant capacity management, alert system if threshold is exceeded, real-time entry authorization via a terminal (stop & go).
Optimize reception and security staff schedules based on the foot traffic shown in the statistics.
Fall detection using pressure sensors and machine learning.

Technical features

Smart flooring is part of a centralized ecosystem that includes sensors, a management interface and monitoring terminals:

Smart flooring

  • Counter tile: 22″ x 33″
  • Data transfer: WiFi, RJ45 cable and 4G router
  • Electric power supply (AC 230V/220V).


  • Time-of-flight technology – 3D sensor
  • Field of view (HxV) 74´´x 57´´
  • Works in the dark
  • Data transfer: WiFi, RJ45 cable, 4G router
  • Electric power supply (AC 230V/220V) or PoE 802.3af.

Management interface

  • Available on Android & iOS.
  • Available data: real-time visitor traffic; details by month, week, day and hour; average visit time; alert system when capacity is exceeded; tracking curves.
  • Interface management: multi-account interface, custom Excel reports, data retrieval via API, automated reports in PDF format.


  • Customizable messages
  • Data transfer: WiFi, RJ45 cable, 4G router
  • Electric power supply (AC 230V/220V)
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