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Wixalia helps you choose the right tools from an ever-growing variety of objects. Whatever the problems that characterize your business, our teams will advise you for an efficient transition and an easy handling.
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Digital Workplace

Move to the connected office and discover the potential of the Digital Workplace with Wixalia, an expert in digital transformation – from desktop to maintenance, application, network and security.

Video protection & access control

Going far beyond traditional video surveillance, video analytics and access control 2.0 harnesses AI to increase security and generate valuable insights.



Access control equipment by dynamic temperature measurement, WixAccess is a concrete solution to control precisely and without contact the flow of people and unlock the potential of Smart Building.


A unique solution for telemedicine, Diagcam is a device that connects patients, nurses and doctors via teleconsultation – even in the heart of medical deserts.


Digital signage

In the age of phygital, retail and points of sale are connecting thanks to IoT to improve the customer experience, personalize the customer journey and boost the display thanks to Digital Signage.


A major evolution in enterprise networks, the SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) propels all IT resources and data into a unified cloud to meet the need for mobility.



Control indoor air quality and improve your energy performance with Aura, a smart, connected air purification solution that takes care of your indoor spaces and visitors’ well-being.


An effective device to eliminate volatile chemical pollutants as well as bad odors, viruses and bacteria, evO2 is a connected air purifier made in France.

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Smart Building

In the era of digital transformation, sensors and connected objects are invading the heart of buildings to give birth to the Smart Building, provide valuable insights and reduce costs.

Smart nursing homes

Wixalia puts digital innovation at the service of patients and residents in Ehpad, retirement homes and senior residences with solutions that facilitate access to care and energize the structures.

Une aide-soignante qui rigole avec une personne âgée.

Smart flooring

Facilitate the reception of people and the management of flows during events or in stores thanks to the connected carpet: counting people in real time, insights & optimization of security costs.


Creator of connected solutions for health establishments, nursing homes and hospitals, Wixalia facilitates the management of visits and monitoring of residents with the Wi-see application.

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Exploit the potential of geolocation by integrating the IoT into your ecosystem with Wixalia and STANLEY’s connected bracelets, a unique solution for securing people, controlling wandering and geolocating objects.