Virtualized network performance with Wixalia.


When networks move into 2.0 mode

Faced with the mobility challenge arising from the widespread trend towards flex offices, SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) networks have established themselves as the new standard in enterprise connectivity. As well as improving the use of remote resources and enhancing multisite collaboration, this technology is an effective way to optimize bandwidth and reduce operating costs.

As a network infrastructure specialist, Wixalia will help you implement the SD-WAN solution that meets your performance and security requirements. Whatever your infrastructure, you will benefit from an interface that centralizes all your existing networks – MPLS, 4G and 5G, WiFi and fiber optics – creating a unified technology ecosystem that performs more efficiently and costs less.

Cloud computing: Wixalia benefits & advantages

The success of SD-WAN technology is directly linked to the trend of cloud computing – moving the company’s software resources to a cloud platform to meet employees’ mobility needs.

This technology allows different bandwidth, routing and security policies to be applied to a variety of media (MPLS, Internet or 3G/4G LTE) via a single coherent, intuitive workflow.
Regulating traffic and prioritizing applications on layer 7 help to optimize the traffic to essential applications and improve the user experience.
The use of public Internet links with dynamic routing, priority management and overlay helps reduce operating costs, which are usually high.
Dynamic network path selection based on policy and performance, application-based traffic control, integrated management and QoS services, web caching, load balancing over multiple connections, smart connection monitoring and automatic fault detection.
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