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Move to a smart office model and discover the potential of the digital workplace with Wixalia, an expert in digital transformation – from workstations to maintenance and from applications to networks and security.
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Digital workplace: the 2.0 office

Digital transformation reaches every part of a company or organization and is accompanied by significant changes in the way people communicate and collaborate. As new technologies enter our workspaces, the classic office concept is starting to disappear to make way for trends like the flex office and the smart office.   These changes can be seen as a paradigm shift because they don’t just affect technology – smart devices & IoT – but the organization itself: because of the omnipresence of the cloud, IT resources and enterprise data are now accessible anywhere at any time. A less sedentary and much more flexible, mobile option, the digital workplace is part of Wixalia’s core business.

Workplace digitalization: a Wixalia core business

More scalable than traditional offices, the digital workplace is based on a work environment that can keep up with the growth of the company. Beneficial for many companies, it also presents a number of significant challenges to CIOs: harmonizing information systems, finding the most suitable solutions for the various business areas and securing all resources and data.

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As an IT operations and integration specialist, Wixalia will provide you with the most strategic digital resources to transform your workplace, energize your teams and boost your productivity in the long term:

Hardware management – PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, videoconferencing rooms (smart boards) – and the implementation of a coherent sourcing strategy for a resilient IT environment in the long term.

Rollout and management of virtualized collaborative applications and tools (HRIS, S2P, CRM, etc.).
We will design a resilient high-speed WiFi, 4G, 5G, LAN, WAN/SD-WAN, landline, mobile and IP infrastructure. You can even leverage low latency in dead zones for improved connectivity.
We protect your data end-to-end by managing your antivirus software, firewalls and VPNs and taking care of your mobile device management (MDM) and two-factor authentication.

We optimize your IT infrastructure to boost your business applications in the cloud. Do you have any information?

We offer a custom service : our IT support (desk & hotline) is always available to help users and can also take care of monitoring your networks and WiFi or providing patch management (managing and rolling out updates).
Because we are constantly monitoring your various departments, we can take action before problems even appear to help you accelerate your projects

Wixalia service guarantees

As well as offering a comprehensive service, we ensure the success of your digital workplace through little “pluses” that make all the difference:

Digital workplace as a service

Accelerate your digital transformation with an all-inclusive monthly workstation plan and enjoy pricing that suits your usage.

Multiservice platform

Benefit from a single interface that brings together all your resources for easier management. You also have access to a catalog of services and an ITSM area where you can manage your tickets in the event of a technical problem.

Green Workplace

For every WiFi device installed – whether it’s a tablet, WiFi hotspot or PC – a tree is planted in an area affected by deforestation. Whatever the size of your installation, you will gradually offset your emissions.

Change management & support

In any digitalization project, one of the most important parameters is being able to master the technology that has been put in place. Our teams provide training and daily support so that you and your staff can confidently get to grips with your new solutions.

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