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Faced with the rapid digitalization of IT resources, the heightened need for bandwidth requires the WiFi and broadband expertise of a trusted partner.
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A professional connection that just works

As a central force for the modernization and virtualization of many business areas, connectivity should allow you to accelerate, not hinder, your innovation projects. Whatever your need – equipment for one or more locations, different types of terminals, speeds that are higher and more stable, or custom software, for example – Wixalia is here for you.

Very high-speed expertise

As an operator and expert in high-speed and very high-speed Internet connections – fiber optics, ADSL, 4G and even 5G, and microwave beams – Wixalia can guarantee your service continuity and optimal operations. However complex your roadmap may be, our knowledge of the geographic coverage of national and local providers allows us to recommend the best solution for your geographic area.


Wixalia’s expertise in WiFi networks

From quality of service to available bandwidth, by way of free-flowing exchanges and software performance, corporate productivity relies on very high-speed connectivity achieved by means of a suitable, perfectly installed WiFi network :

During the audit phase, we examine your needs, your desired usage and your hardware constraints, and then we visualize the different sources of interference at your site (neighbors’ WiFi networks, radar emitters, hotspots, Bluetooth and microwaves). The fact is that a WiFi network can only be properly scaled, and its performance guaranteed, by taking all of these criteria into account.

Thanks to a centralized management solution, you can continuously monitor your performance levels and your data by means of invaluable performance indicators: views of your network’s topology (load, DHCP service errors, low-coverage areas and areas of interference) but also pings, response times, authentication success rates, number of terminals connected, etc. This information is strategic when it comes to understanding and improving your infrastructure’s performance.

Assistance with fast fixes and technical support that is always close at hand.

Your connections are encrypted at the source, directly between the user and the WiFi access point.

Wifi-as-a-Service (WaaS) or managed WiFi is our all-inclusive monthly pricing model: infrastructure and managed services.

  • Budget control : costs are fixed and predictive. It’s a budgetary alternative that replaces a capital cost (capex) with an operating cost (opex) smoothed over time.
  • Scalable solutions : you benefit from the flexibility of a model that evolves with your company’s organization and new technologies.
  • Day-to-day simplicity : your WiFi is fully supervised and managed remotely by Wixalia.

The Green WiFi® offers from Wixalia allow you to consider the environment, energy savings, and performance of your network, from architecture to energy consumption.


  • Indoor & outdoor integration

  • Management of lines and connections

  • WiFi audits

  • Pre- and post-rollout coverage studies

  • Radio coverage studies

  • Interoperability

  • Security

  • Routing, roaming, data stream management & QoS

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