Areas of expertise

Thanks to its four native areas of expertise - broadband Internet connectivity, network infrastructure, IoT and managed services - Wixalia guarantees the success of your infrastructure and the proper execution of your applications.
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Network infrastructure solutions

As invisible as it is indispensable, network infrastructure provides the foundation for corporate productivity and results. Wixalia’s expertise lies in reliable, high-performance networks.

WiFi & Broadband internet

Essential to the smooth running of any virtualized activity, the quality of the connection is one of the main parameters of productivity. With Wixalia, an expert in high-speed connectivity throughout France, you can enjoy a comfortable and stable bandwidth at all times.


IT outsourcing & Managed services

In the age of hyper-connectivity, managing multi-site IT assets and complex information systems requires specialized outsourcing and managed services consulting, Wixalia’s core business.

Smart solutions & IoT

Regardless of the industry, the rapid spread of connected objects (IoT) offers great opportunities for growth and productivity. Acting as close as possible to the digital shift, Wixalia brings you all its expertise in IoT, as well as recommendations tailored to your core business.