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Going far beyond traditional video surveillance, video analytics and access control 2.0 harnesses AI to increase security and generate valuable insights.
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Wixalia and security 2.0

Nowadays, video surveillance is no longer limited to static surveillance. Driven by artificial intelligence, cameras and sensors no longer just store enormous amounts of data. Instead, real-time analytics can be used to generate valuable indicators and as yet unknown benefits. The traditional concept of video surveillance is now making way for video analysis that combines video with artificial intelligence. A real digital asset, video analysis unlocks the potential of your infrastructure by helping to detect anomalies on your production line, carry out “heat mapping” on points of sale or detect abnormal behavior during public events. Thanks to its various partnerships with other creators of connected solutions, Wixalia has developed specialized expertise and a complete IoT offering designed to protect people and places.

Video analysis and facial recognition: software & complete plug-n-play solutions

When it comes to implementing a video analysis or access control solution, one of the major challenges is integrating new devices into existing systems. As an IT integration specialist, Wixalia works with all types of organizations and infrastructure, including airports, banks, railway stations, hospitals and public buildings…


We have forged partnerships that give our teams highly specialized expertise in technologies designed to protect people and places. In particular, we use facial recognition solutions that meet various needs, including:

Real-time facial recognition, people detection, object search, heat mapping.
Get to know your customers better by generating personalized information, especially at the point of sale: fat client, gaze analysis, improved sales funnel, people counting, detection of high foot traffic areas, etc.
Access management for large numbers of people using facial recognition, foot traffic management and access to sensitive areas.
As a replacement for password identification to manage bank accounts.

Compliance: a process that meets GDPR requirements

To set up video surveillance and access control solutions, an analysis must be carried out requiring knowledge of current security standards. This is the case with the GDPR, and our knowledgeable teams ensure compliance with this regulation throughout the data cycle:

Data source

Data is collected by the cameras and sensors placed in different types of devices and the IoT (webcams, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Data retrieval

The video equipment transmits the data in real time for instant retrieval.

Data processing

The software layer associated with artificial intelligence performs the analyses.

Data storage

The images and processing results are retained.

Display & interaction with the data

The data are analyzed and presented to trigger actions (e.g. notifications) and facilitate decision-making.

Wherever your solution is implemented, our experts will help you ensure that your project is fully compliant with current legislation.

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