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Wixalia brings you all its expertise in IoT, as well as recommendations tailored to your core business.
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Unleash your digital potential with the IoT

For the past few years, the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) has been causing profound transformations within its environment. This concept, which refers to all objects connected to the Internet – whether they are terminals, sensors or other – provides insights and new possibilities at every link in the chain.

Wixalia, an expert in the IoT and smart solutions, can help unleash the potential of a fully connected ecosystem, in order to foster your growth. Whatever your business sector, we can implement concrete solutions to re-energize your structures – smart buildings and smart offices – and also transform your production chains or the relationship between doctors and patients, create business opportunities and generate new revenue.

A catalog of smart, innovative solutions

Wixalia can help you choose the right tools from the growing range of available smart objects. Whatever the challenges facing your business, our teams can advise you on making an effective transition and ensuring a quick learning curve.


Some examples:

The traditional concept of video surveillance is now making way for video analysis that combines video with artificial intelligence. Video analysis is a real digital asset, capable of unleashing the potential of your infrastructure: identification and geolocation of people and things, people counts, measurement of hot zones at a point of sale, etc.

Digital healthcare covers a wide array of applications for telecommunication and information technologies in the service of patient health, including many IoT objects with a variety of uses: telemedicine, wandering patient management, fall detection, cognitive stimulation, social ties, etc. Backed by its expertise in the healthcare sector, Wixalia can guide your choice of appropriate, non-intrusive and easy-to-learn options.

Automation of actions – lighting and temperature adjustments, plus the production of performance indicators thanks to smart monitoring: temperature, humidity, the presence of people, sound levels, the detection of wear and tear, etc.

In the phygital age, retail and points of sale are connected through the IoT to improve the customer experience, personalize the customer journey and enhance displays through digital signage.

Wixalia offers solutions for easily managing foot traffic and people, generating insights into the habits of consumers and visitors, and counting people in real time.

IoT projects fully supported by Wixalia

Within an increasingly dense and competitive ecosystem of smart objects, the number of solutions on offer can be overwhelming. For each issue you may have – securing a space or an event, optimizing foot traffic, monitoring patients, etc. – a dizzying number of tools is now available.

To ensure the success of your IoT project and the natural integration of smart objects with your infrastructure, Wixalia relies on in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem of available solutions and on a methodic approach, at every step of the rollout process. From needs analysis to monitoring, by way of installation and configuration, we will align our work with your teams’ needs, to ensure your stable business continuity.

A legal and ethical framework for privacy by design

The development and use of any new technology means having to consider the optimal way to protect personal data.

An essential technical framework

Wixalia’s support services ensure that your network infrastructure is suitable for its new uses, your data are secure, and your connectivity system, hardware and other equipment are all up and running smoothly. Technical support, maintenance, updates and more: everything has to be taken into consideration.

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