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The purpose of this issue is to take a fresh look at facial recognition.
Yes, it is a sensitive technology.
Yes, and rightly so, a framework is necessary.

But it is a pity that the most positive aspects for society in general and for companies in particular are often overlooked.

With Wixalia, discover this technology in a different light.
Pragmatic. Unbiased.
What is the current situation? How does facial recognition work? How do you deploy this type of project? What are today’s use cases and tomorrow’s possibilities? What does the regulation say? And where are we headed?

Read and draw your own conclusions

Introduction: Ethical facial recognition is at the service of society.

  • From the classical use we know…
  • …to versatile use cases
  • A structuring approach within the framework of a long-term strategy

How does facial recognition technology work?

  • Recognition acuity and difference between 2D and 3D algorithms

A technological and regulatory partnership with the integrator

  • A good qualification of the project is essential
  • Setting up a secure platform

Use cases and implementation of facial recognition

  • Access control and security
  • Other fields of application for facial recognition (health, commerce, services and industry)

Regulations, respect for freedom and protection of personal data

  • A highly regulated process