Smart, accurate, contactless access control.


Smart, contactless access control

As architecture embraces the digital age, living spaces and traditional buildings are gradually giving way to smart buildings. Equipped with 2.0 devices and various connected objects, these structures use the potential of technology to perform a wide variety of activities such as turning on the heating or air conditioning, adjusting the lighting and brightness and detecting anomalies so they can be resolved.

A scalable smart building has many advantages, from employee comfort to access security, optimization of energy resources and reduced operational costs. It is an integral part of the “digital workplace“, transforming our offices through an integrated technology ecosystem.

As a specialist in professional IoT services, Wixalia provides its clients with digital tools that meet the increased need for virtualization. This is the case with WixAccess, a security solution based on an access control device that measures temperature accurately and autonomously.

WixAccess : the IoT for security purposes


Thanks to its use of artificial intelligence, WixAccess is a powerful and accurate device you can use to contactlessly secure foot traffic :

Accurate to + 0.2°C and adjustable from 10° to 42°C.
In the event of an irregularity, WixAccess will autonomously sound an audible warning (2.5W/4R speakers).
Effective even if wearing a mask, a beard, makeup, glasses or a hat.

Up to 20,000 people (detection distance 1 to 3.3 feet).

Management platform in 16 languages, real-time data export, time slot management. Compatible with a wide variety of devices, including ID card, fingerprint, smart card, QR code and RFID readers.

Features & technical specifications:

Whatever your security and foot traffic management challenges, Wixalia will help you implement a connected solution and train your staff, as well as configure your database, electrical cabling and network. We also offer remote IT support and equipment maintenance.

  • HD camera: 2 x 2 MP cameras
  • Easy installation
  • Water resistance: IP65 (dust and splash resistant)
  • Mounts: 51″ tiltable mount, 43″ vertical mount, 23.6″ mount for children, desk and wall mounts, automatic door and turnstile mounts.
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60°C
  • Power supply: 12 V DC
  • Consumption: 13.5 W max
  • Size: 9.4″ x 5″ x 1″
  • Weight: 3.3 lb
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